June 2019

early marriages and FGM


as soon as a girl is in a tender age (9- 16) to marry her off, she will be circumcised when her father decides to. the act of FGM (female gentile mutilation) is absolutely common in the Maasai culture. but FGM needs an end. its consequences bringing lots of diseases and challenges such as bleeding to death, fistula, difficulties when giving birth and many more. despite the physical cutback, the psychological damage must be immense as well. my heart aches when I think about all these young girls, whose life getting changed dramatically because of cultural tradition. forced into marriage in exchange for cows and to a totally unknown husband, who is often generations older is just the beginning of the drama in poverty. furthermore, the childly wife is not prepared for the high expectant spouse and is not able to deal with the issues in marriage and motherhood like responsibilities, sexuality, and work. she’s still young and can’t handle the expectation to stand „a strong woman“. I‘m with you when you think „the challenging situations like that are those, which makes us strong.“ BUT, I believe these young women should also have the right to choose LIFE. forced marriage and abused childhood ain‘t good for nobody. more and more of those young girls have the courage to run away from their parents' place when it comes to fathers big decision day to cut and marry her off. but that‘s not the answer. she‘s still lost somehow. so then, what can we do? In my case, the best solution I experienced so far is to give these community good education. by doing so Maasai people will be illuminated and faced with the reality of their cultural disadvantages. girls would have a chance to study and work for her own living. not only to become more independent in a good way, far more to choose the life and husband they want to fight for, love and grow as a family. I got to know Priscah, who‘s running an organization called „the TEMA project“. Many desperate girls or those more wise mothers from the Loita Hills run to TEMA with hope for a supportive well-wisher to get an education... if you want to make a big difference in one of those young woman’s life; get in touch with us and I will ask Priscah to send you the details...

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