thanks to "Walking with Maasai", who agreed my idea - to run an alpha at the Olkoroi camp. it was more than a wonderful experience - it was a pleasure. I got to know so many precious people. I learned a lot about the Maasai culture and had the chance to grow along with them in life lessons during the alpha course. for those few weeks, we were one big family coming from different backgrounds but aiming all for satisfaction in life. this time has not only been easygoing... it was challenging at the same time. but in an enriching way. thanks to all of you, who have been part of #alphalive in the Kenyan Maasailand with me. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithfulness, patience, and trust. I‘m already missing those afternoons with CHAI and you. God bless you, my beloved family.

I will upload a video with feedbacks from alphalive members, soon...


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